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Our company was established in 08.2017 in Turkey. Currently we are producing 29/25 mm caps, 48 mm caps and holders, 55 mm caps and holders and also 38 mm plastic holders for water bottles. Our main goal is to expand our trading opportunities to different locations around the world. For the next year we will be starting 38 mm caps production and 29/25 conique shaped cap production. For further questions and requirements we are always ready at your service.
Senkap Company was established in Konya of Turkey in 2013. Our Company manufactures PP caps or PE caps for HDPE bottles which are used for pesticide and liquid fertilizer.In addition to we manufacture planting pots in different capacities.
As SMS Kapakcilik we manufacture and supply caps, bottle caps, cap, bottle cap, caps, pet bottle caps, oil bottle caps, jar lids, lids, jar caps, lug caps, bottle caps, pet bottles, pe cans, pe bottles, blowing molds, injection molds, glassware products, glasswares, cap, pet bottle cap, oil bottle cap, jar lid, lid, jar cap, lug cap, bottle cap, pet bottle, pe can, pe bottle, blowing mold, injection mold, glassware product, glassware, jar, jars...
Company ARPIL PLASTIK produces plastic packing dishes and boxes. Taking into account the desires of our customers, our company produces high-quality and convenient products. We are renting formed plastic products for our clients with offset labels. We strive to produce quality products using the knowledge and experience. Our Mission: Manufacture products used in all sectors which is a friend of nature and people.

Our Vision: Monitor the development of technologies and keep the quality of products at the highest level.
BERICAP Introduction BERICAP concentrates on the manufacturing and sales of plastic caps and closures for beverage, food and non-food markets. Global presence BERICAP runs 23 factories in 20